About us

Irwin Blake is a collaboration of Sam Irwin, camera assistant, and Max Blake, design engineer.

Sam approached Max in 2019 with a problem to which he hoped Max could help him find a solution. Many prototypes and countless hours of tinkering later the X-PLATE was born.

Between Sam’s extensive knowledge of the film industry and Max’s engineering experience we believe we’re perfectly suited to develop quality camera products. Our product development process is consumed by rigorous testing at every juncture. You can rest assured that anything we put our name to has been thoroughly put through its paces both in-house and on set.

Sam Irwin

Sam's a 2nd AC / Clapper Loader working in the UK.

Having always loved watching films, he found a particular interest in camera moves and the technical side of movie making.

Deciding to go to film school introduced him to the roles of camera technicians, and he aimed to join the UK Film and Television industry.

Starting in 2013 as a camera trainee and then stepping up to clapper loader in 2015, he's focussed on efficiency at work. Having had experience on a variety of productions, he's been exposed to common problems throughout the industry.

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Max Blake

Max studied mechanical engineering at university and has worked in a multitude of fields including wind energy, telecomms, energy efficiency and green construction

In the last 4 years he decided he wanted to focus his efforts into product development and so started his own design and engineering studio (https://www.blakeworksdesign.com/) where he helps people and companies turn their ideas into reality. As well as creating designs on a screen he also loves getting his hands dirty making prototypes, whether that's welding, CNC'ing, fabricating, laser cutting, woodworking, milling, turning, etc ...